Saturday, November 20, 2010

Interviewing Ryan Kwanten (naked)

This is Australian actor Ryan Kwanten, probably best know for getting his kit off in Alan Ball's Southern Gothic vampire series, True Blood:

And so is this:

And this:

That last photo is a publicity still for the new Australian film Red Hill, which opens in cinemas next week. Last Friday I interviewed Ryan Kwanten naked.

As in, I was naked, not him.

The phone interview was scheduled for 4.55pm, so at 4pm I went to bed for a quick power nap, with the alarm set for 4.30pm. And yes, I sleep naked, deal with it.

At 4.25pm I was woken by a phone call from the publicist asking if I can do the interview now. "Umm, give me five minutes," I mumble, half awake. I then proceed to race around my flat grabbing my list of questions, my tape recorder, my phone pick-up microphone etc. There's no time to get dressed before the phone rings.

Consequently, I interviewed Ryan - and Red Hill director Patrick Hughes, who I wasn't expecting to speak with - naked. Ironic, much?

Update: You can read my interview with Ryan here, at Citysearch.


David J. M. Samson said...

And did you find the interview had a good flow to it? Perhaps you felt more free, what with a lack of clothing to restrain you.

It's good to be naked. We should all be naked more often.

richardwatts said...

Actually it was a pretty awkward interview, as I'd had no idea I was going to be speaking with the director as well, and all the questions I'd prepared were for Kwanten...

David J. M. Samson said...

Maybe start sleeping in your jocks then, on the nights before such phone interviews...

Might help.